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The season collection of Zara is generally launched late in the market by the designer team Appendix 4 which helps them to understand more about the designs which will be going to launch in the market by the manufacturers and accordingly the demand as well as the designers attain the fashion shows cloths available in the market which gives them an idea of the product coming in the market and helps them to decide their designs for the market Ghemawat, Customers do not incur critical costs or uncertainties when switching to a substitute and therefore, switching to another brand or continuing to wear clothes they already paid for is not challenging.

In the case of Zara, its marketing technique consists of high turnover in which the business generally has 10 thousand single products per year running through their shops Zara: Zara also has the most of the processes like Kaizen, JIT and its structure effectively implemented in their company.

Supply Chain Management is a cross-function method that consists of handling the motion of basic materials into the organisation, internal processing of products into completed items. Zara can make available different range of product across different store in the same city which can reduce the threat of cannibalization.

Fashion can be defined differently due to difference in the point of views. Cannibalization is also one of the threats to Zara Craig et al, The threat of substitutes in the apparel industry is high. In terms of place, Zara has lots of flagship shops which are defined by remarkable interior styles with areas in prime locations like in George Street in London, Rathenauplatz in Frankfurt, Pitt Street in Sydney and Van Baerlestraat in Amsterdam amongst other locations Keller The same organization structure is adopted by Inditex group See Appendix 1.

Marketing This can give competitive advantage for operations effectiveness of the company. It has also shown sustainable growth as well. Expansion methods as well as keeping the organization fresh as per the industry required with improved quality has been achieved by Zara very effectively with the help of their research and development team.

In the period of —Zara has grown tremendously by acquiring markets of almost 73 countries by giving their major locations and prime cities opening to stores which helped them to prove countries border cannot limit single fashion trends.

This will also save some money which can be used to effectively advertise their brand in different location which will drive more customers to the store. Introduction of new design by Zara takes period of 6 weeks to get it from design to shelves and it also proves very efficient as well compared to the normal 6 months cycles for other companies Appendix 2.

Inth store of Zara got opened in Italy Florence.

Zara also has very unique and strong business model which drives their operating income to be much raised and provides growth opportunity as retail industry. Wall street Journal, Just in Time JIT: This concept has been introduced by the Japanese ship builders which actually implemented by them by reducing the volume of inventory for steel to three days stock from months stock.

Suppliers have little bargaining power with apparel retailing chains. It will be helpful for Zara to open separate distribution centre in US to acquire US market effectively. This web of resources includes internal just-in-time manufacturing processes, global product standardization, heavily invested subcontractor relationships, a centralized logistics model, and a shortened vertically integrated supply chain.

By opening their stores in Malta in and in Cyprus in which helped them to acquire almost entire shares of Massimo Dutti. JIT helps to solve this concern for most of the companies. Its approach compares fashion with food and gives a view that fashion should also be consumed immediately like food rather than deteriorate in cupboard.


With each business having an extremely effective marketing technique, our group will take a look at each technique thoroughly and develop a brand-new marketing strategy for one of the business.

Shortening the time cycle can effect in reduction in the intensity of working capital and helps in continuous production of new design products Ghemawat, P. Cascading labor efficiencies in developing countries have resulted in cheaper labor and inputs.

Rivalry among competitors is a concern for apparel retailers. Almost all the elements of Kaizen have been adopted by Zara as organisation.

Zara Case Analysis

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Since buyers are aware apparel companies are quick to do away with failed fashion trends, they usually purchase products as soon as they are available. The relatively biggest and famous fashion distributor Inditex is parent company of Zara.

All this work was presented in the Japanese language making it difficult to understand by the most of the countries. Keeping obligation towards product improvement and continual process and making production in small batches can be achieved with the help of JIT. Customer Analysis Zara positions itself as the designer-boutique option for the fashionable however price-conscious customer Cohen and Roussel Push and Pull System: But it was important to the Inditex and their subsidiary Zara to consider some important dates.

They are also lacking in the developed strategy to acquire US market.Zara International Case Study Essay Zara International was a retail shop originated in La Coruna, Spain in It was clothing and accessories shop and imitated the latest fashion trends and sold them at a lower cost.

The Case Analysis for the Prefinal Term will be done in groups, composition of which is the same with the group composition during the Midterm Case Analysis.

2. 2. Because of the group’s composition, the case analysis will have two parts: (1) the film analysis, and (2) the minicase analysis. ZARA CASE STUDY SWOT ANALYSIS Term Paper writing service and essay writing Help ZARA CASE STUDY SWOT ANALYSIS TERM PAPER Writing Service INTRODUCTION Zara is an extremely effective brand name and prominent in abroad markets as America.

Zara Case Study

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Zara uses a combination strategy when sourcing their production. It uses most of outsourcing to produce basic items and initial fashion collection. It outsources about half of its production to third party; about 60% come from Europe, 30% come from Asia and rest come from other parts of world.

Case Study Zara Analysis Mis Essay Team “AnonyMIS”: Julia Winter, Maximilian Philipp Schmidt, Julius Liebrecht, Djaky Agbadou, Nathalie Garro In-Class Case Study: 1 Introduction: Background Information Company overview The firm Zara is a Spanish clothing and accessories retailer based in Galicia, northern Spain.

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Zara case analysis essay
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