The stereotypical representation of cleopatra english literature essay

At this period of time the relationship between Egypt and Rome were rather tense, thus, Cleopatra became an important political figure not only at home but also abroad. Some sources state that Caesar even intended to get married with Cleopatra, which made the Senators and other Romans very furious.

Being exiled from the country, Cleopatra decided to take revenge, thus, she gathered an army to conquer her own country. This led to an up rise of the propaganda war between Anthony and Octavian.

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She helped regain prosperity and peace to a country that was torn about by civil war and bankruptcy. Multiple literary works depict Cleopatra as a vulgar woman, who had too many love affairs. This relationship resulted to them becoming lovers and Cleopatra bore Anthony, a son.

As the time goes by it becomes harder to get to know the truth due to the lack of true facts, thus, some scientific researches can be based on what people say about this or that famous person. Cleopatra and Mark Anthony took their lives and making Egypt become a Roman province.

Indeed, Cleopatra was an ambitious monarch, a charismatic leader and a caring mother. But Anthony committed suicide after hearing an ungrounded rumour that Cleopatra had committed suicide.

Being exiled from the country by her younger brother, Cleopatra was returned their as a winner by Caesar. If no new information can be found people start to make assumptions and invent myths and rumors about famous political and social leaders, scientists of genius, popular singers, actors and actresses and other celebrities.

After the burial of Anthony, Cleopatra locked herself in one of her chambers and rumour has it that she committed suicide through deliberately succumbing to a poisonous snake bite.

So, now Cleopatra had to ally with Caesar in order to return to Alexandria. However, very soon Cleopatra tried to rule the country on her own regardless of the wishes of her husband. He gained control over Cyprus with the help of Cleopatra, with whom he later got married.

Women in Helllenistic Egypt: Her striking beauty made men fall in love with Cleopatra, while she being a wise woman used it to her own advantage, making her lovers do what was necessary for her and for her country.

So, she wrapped herself in a carpet and was brought to the palace in Alexandria, where Caesar lived. The reason why the Romans hated Cleopatra was her major influence at first on Caesar and than on Marc Antony. By such actions Cleopatra broke ancient traditions and was much criticised by Egyptians.

Octavian claimed that Anthony was abandoning Rome and was under full control of Cleopatra. The Secrets of Cleopatra. When Caesar went back to Rome he was very much praised by his people, however, Romans were discontent when they found out that Caesar brought Cleopatra with him.

Indeed, people were afraid of Cleopatra, because they knew that the woman possessed some kind of power, under influence of which men behaved the way she wanted them to.

Cleopatra died because of a snake bit, so her death was the as glorious as her life. Despite of the fact that Cleopatra was married to two of her brothers successively, they were too young to rule, so she objectively was the only ruler of Egypt. She is remembered for her love affairs with warlords from Rome the likes of Mark Anthony and Julius Caesar.

Soon after she became the Queen, Cleopatra put all her efforts in order to solve the conflict between Egypt and Rome, however, her efforts were never really appreciated; instead she was exiled from her home country by her brother and three of his councillors Photinos, Achillas, Theodotuswho also wanted to rule the country.

After the death of Antony, Cleopatra had no other way but to commit suicide too, because she was never welcomed in Rome. Cleopatra was an experienced warrior, who could even ride a horse, and a strategic ruler. Conclusion Having spoken about Cleopatra, it is necessary to make a conclusion.

The current study was designed to speak about the life, reign and death of Cleopatra, and myths that surround her personality. Caesar was hoping to gain control of Egypt by marring Cleopatra, who with the help of Caesar became the Queen again. According to some historical sources, Julius Caesar felt in love with Cleopatra from the first sight, while other historical evidences prove that Caesar and Cleopatra were never in love, and politics was the only thing which united them.

Her beauty and charisma still remain highly praised in literature and mass media. A lot of books, articles, novels and films were devoted to Cleopatra, thus interest to her personality will never become extinct.

From History to Myth; History Today. Cleopatra will remain an outstanding personality for ever, despite of the fact that she is being criticised by a lot men and women. For this reason they did everything possible to influence Ptolemy XIII, as he was too young to become a sole leader of the country.

Known as a successful and prominent ruler, Cleopatra is also famous for her beauty, bright intelligence, ability to speak many foreign languages and love affairs with two outstanding rulers and conquerors of antiquity Julius Caesar and Marc Antony.

Though, the second hypothesis, which states that Caesar and Cleopatra were just political allies, disproves the fact that they were lovers, it can not disprove the fact that Cleopatra bore Caesar a child named Caesarion little Caesar.The english literature essay below has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies.

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Although Shakespeare reflects and at times supports the English Renaissance stereotypes of women and men and their various roles and responsibilities in society, he is also a writer who questions, challenges, and.

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Cleopatra She was the last ruler of the Ptolemaic dynasty. She is remembered for her love affairs with warlords from Rome the likes of Mark Anthony and Julius Caesar. The Power of Cleopatra Essay; The Power of Cleopatra Essay. Words 5 Pages. Critical Analysis of Antony and Cleopatra.

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The stereotypical representation of cleopatra english literature essay
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