The sin bin or lucys hear

Lucy is very dependent and she is trying very hard to detach and she searches the protection she can get by being friends with Bethan. Bethan says that smoking helps. All kinds of bulling can mark you forever. Lucy is in detention because she hit a girl called Penny.

I think that bulling is a bad thing, physical bulling is hard and visible, but in general I think mental bulling is even worse. I think violence in book and TV can be a good thing. She reckons she is nice. Lucy gets detention for hitting penny, and while she is in detention. In some ways you can compare the violence or the act behind the violence, both Lucy and the boy are forced to do something to prove that they can handle it and that they are mature enough to do this.

The Sin Bin or Lucy’s Heart

I think Lucy used to have a good relationship with her mother but after, she has started hanging out with Bethan their relationship is damaged.

Lucys mother reckons that Bethan is common and that her mother swears. Penny thought she could trust in Lucy and rely on her, but she ended up getting very disappointed.

Bethan is the tough girl at school. Lucy is looking forward to the future when she is grown up and does not need to worry that much about how other people think about her, and when she hopefully have gotten more confident. But I am against the violence as soon as it is more of an encouragement than a manufacture of real life.

In the story Just Like That the violence is different, it is the man and the boy who shoot the kangaroos. Bethan is the one that makes Lucy to all these things that get her into trouble.

In the real world violence does happen, and most stories are in my opinion best if they are not too far from real life. Penny and Lucy used to be really close, and Penny have told Lucy some deep secrets, and I think Lucy feels very bad about beating Penny up, but she wants this new image so bad that she is not true to herself and therefore do not have the courage or the will to tell Penny she is sorry.

The short story is about peer pressure, bulling and a young girl who is trying to grow up and to find her identity. Additional information from Contexts: Lucy is a confused teenager, she is a Grade A student who is getting into trouble. Tell us what you need to have done now! Bethan does not like the school at all, and she really do not like grade A students or the prize day, actually she goes as far as saying that she was embarrassed that Lucy went.Location The Sin Bin or Lucy's Heart is a short story written by Lucy Cross.

The story takes place in the city Cardiff in Wales, at a school in a detention room. The story takes place in the city Cardiff in Wales, at a school in a detention room.

Themes and message

Analysis The Sin Bin or Lucy’s Heart Lucy Cross Sabina: “The Sin Bin or Lucy’s heart” is written with the use of a 1st person narrator, who is our main character, Lucy.

The Sin Bin or Lucy's heart Narration Structure/composition Opening Ending Composition Characters Lucy Bethan Analyse Setting Language/Theme The theme "Growing up" The other textes Just like that The Shining Mountain "I couldn't hear anything when I hit her, even though there was a big crowd around us all shouting.

my heart. Themes and message The main themes of the short story “The Sin Bin or Lucy’s Heart” by Lucy Cross are peer pressure, bad role models and growing up.

Through the story, the author’s message is that teenage years are very difficult and that the friendships created then can change and influence a person for the best or for the worst.

Penny Jones is briefly mentioned in the story “The Sin Bin or Lucy’s Heart” by Lucy Cross as Lucy’s former friend and as the victim of Lucy’s violence. Her outer characterisation is not offered, but we can deduce that she is the same age as Lucy and Bethan.

The Sin Bin or Lucy's Heart Characterization The Sin Bin or Lucy’s Heart is a short story about a young girl, Lucy, who used to be a grade A student, but after she have started hanging out with Bethan her life has changed.

The sin bin or lucys hear
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