The movie platoon

M60 machine gun - 7. Shotguns Remington Wingmaster Bunny Kevin Dillon uses a Remington Wingmaster shotgun with open blade sights throughout the film. The acts of brutality escalate after a weapons cache is found. The younger man used his characters from the Break screenplay and developed a new screenplay, which he titled The Platoon.

Stone shot Salvador first, before turning his The movie platoon to what was by now called Platoon. But, based on the strength of his writing in Platoon, Stone was hired to write the screenplay for Midnight Express The film was a critical and commercial success, as were some other Stone films at the time, but most studios were still reluctant to finance The Platoon, because it was about the unpopular Vietnam War.

Wolfe fires his P during the final stand. Francis Corey Glover fires his M16A1 during the final stand. Adam Glover out on patrol armed with his M79 grenade launcher. Tex David Neidorf with his M See Article History Platoon, American war film, released inthat was written and directed by Oliver Stone and was regarded by many critics as one of the best of the movies about the Vietnam War.

Willem Dafoe said that to get into character for the sequence where the soldiers are lounging around the tent, smoking and drinking whatever they can get their hands on, he and the other actors got stoned ahead of time.

Norinco Type 56 The Norinco Type 56 is the weapon of choice of the NVA soldiers, many of which feature "pig-sticker" under folder bayonets.

Oliver Stone Wanted Jim Morrison For ‘Platoon’ And Other Things You Might Not Know About The Film

It was the first American film about the Vietnam War to play in that city. Note the bottleneck blank rounds on the belt. Note that the taped-up covers on the launcher Dale Dye mentioned in the commentary that this was because the covers kept falling off during filming.

They are noted as Chinese Type 56 rifles based on their hooded front sights.

Platoon (1986)

By the time they actually shot the scene, a few hours had passed, and everyone had come down. Tex lays down fire with the M M79 grenade launcher While never seen used in the film, the M79 grenade launcher AKA the "Blooper", is carried by several soldiers in the film, including Tubbs Andrew B.

Taylor approaches a wounded Barnes with the Type A much-decorated retired Marine named Dale Dye, who loved war movies but was disappointed by their failure to convey the mental and emotional realities of combat, offered Stone his services as an advisor.

With the help of well-known Asian producer Mark Hill, the shoot commenced, as scheduled, two days after Marcos fled the country. Barnes wields a Type 56 during the final stand. Director Oliver Stone noted in his DVD commentary for the film that APC soldiers were notorious for displaying Nazi paraphernalia on their vehicles, hence the swastika flag tied to the antenna.

They spent two weeks as soldiers in the Philippine jungle, digging holes to live in, eating from ration cans, carrying real weight, and staying in character. A helicopter door gunner played by technical adviser Dale Dye covers the soldiers with the door-mounted M Bunny fires his shotgun during an ambush.

Bunny leaves the village with his in hand.A brillant movie, timeless in its execution. Most veterans, with whom I've spoke, indicated that Platoon was the closest to how things actually were over there. Feb 06,  · Watch video · Platoon is a American war film written and directed by Oliver Stone one of the most strongest realistic anti war films of all time.

It is one of the best Vietnam war films I have ever seen that won the Academy Award for Best Picture of and best Director for Oliver Stone, as well as Best Sound Mixing and Best Film /10(K). Platoon: Platoon, American war film (), written and directed by Oliver Stone and regarded as one of the best of the Vietnam War movies.

Platoon is a great movie but I won’t be able to watch it anymore knowing it could have been a mythical Morrison movie.

I wonder if Stone. Platoon is a Vietnam War film written and directed by Oliver Stone, who based his screenplay upon his own experiences as a combat infantryman in both the 1st Cavalry Division and the 25th Infantry Division.

Platoon is a drama war film that came out in the year It was a film that won Best Picture for the year and is one of the best movies of all time. In the film a young soldier drops out of college and enlists in the Army/10(K).

The movie platoon
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