The legitimate presidency of porfirio lobo essay

Lobo, from the centre-right National party, promised to unify a country polarised by the military-led coup against Manuel Zelaya in June, a political shock which rattled Latin America and left Honduras isolated and stripped of aid and investment.

The turmoil surrounding last years ouster of Honduras President Manuel Zelaya has mostly died down. Leftist governments including those of Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador and Venezuela said they would not recognise the vote, branding it a farce which could embolden coup-minded conservative forces across the region.

The de facto president, Roberto Micheletti, was not on the ballot. One is a hunger strike by judges who were fired for opposing the coup. But the former president, although invited to return by Lobo, has been threatened with arrest and jail if he does return. He gave everything in exchange for nothing.

They continue their same old practices. Nations swiftly cut off contact with the government of Roberto Micheletti, who was sworn in hours after Mr.

New Honduran president faces crisis of legitimacy

Canada and the European Union are expected to follow suit. At the international level, a large number of Latin American countries said they would boycott a scheduled summit of Latin American and European countries if Lobo was allowed to attend; Lobo himself withdrew from the get-together.

Now we can get things back to normal," said Luis Fernando Gomez, 37, a business graduate, at a boisterous campaign victory party. There have also been threatening moves by landowners to oust peasant farmers who have occupied their former properties.

News, commentary, and analysis of current events in Honduras where cultural forms intersect with political interests, with links to the work of Honduran writers and scholars. There can be no reconciliation by decree. And here, finally, we find the source of the controversy: So why is the Christian Science Monitor so confused that it not only leads the story this way, but captions the accompanying photo with the same inaccurate claim that the "Central American Parliament is now considering [Zelaya] over his rival, new President Porfirio Lobo, for membership in the Parlacen".

The election date and candidates were chosen long before the coup. The resistance is continuing to come up with new actions.

This question is pertinent because Parlacen seats former presidents of member nations. After correctly reporting that "many countries in Latin America continue to question the legitimacy of the new administration of Porfirio Lobo, because he was elected to office without Zelaya being restored to office first", the story equally accurately says the question before Parlacen is who the legitimate former president of Honduras is.

Do not give forgiveness when the offender does not admit any wrongdoing, because it only serves to strengthen him. The worst thing is his commitment to do something of dubious legality, which can bring him problems since day one. Marches and demonstrations also continue.

As time went on, however, some of those same supporters began to have their own questions about whether the ouster was constitutional after all, and whether it did more harm to democracy than anything Zelaya was allegedly up to.

A pro-Zelaya candidate withdrew, leaving the field dominated by candidates from the traditional ruling elite. For weeks, it seemed, Zelaya had more allies than he ever dreamed possible while in office.

He continued to claim his rightful spot to the presidency, while Mr. It stipulates that outgoing presidents of member states are immediately admitted. The Obama administration at first denounced the coup, but is accused by Zelaya and others of waffling and lack of firmness in backing up those denunciations.Honduras' newly elected President Porfirio Lobo faces an international crisis even before taking office: many countries of the hemisphere refuse to recognize his government, chosen in the shadow of a coup.

Honduras elects Porfirio Lobo as new president

The coup in the Central American nation of Honduras continues to reverberate four months after a new president, Porfirio “Pepe” Lobo of the right-wing National Party, took power. Killings. Ever since Porfirio Lobo came into office as President of Honduras, after a fraudulent election from which opposition candidates withdrew, he's been testing what he and the nation's elites can get.

Honduras coup reverberations continue

Cardinal warns Honduran president of increasing violence Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Feb 6, / pm (CNA).- Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodriguez of Tegucigalpa urged Honduran president Porfirio Lobo to recognize the widespread violence and growing poverty afflicting the country. The ex-president of Honduras Manuel “Mel” Zelaya started his presidential term on January 27th of A member of the political party named Partido Liberal de Honduras (Liberal Party of Honduras); he started his term talking about wanting to fight violence, poverty and corruption.

He also. President-elect Porfirio Lobo gestures during an interview with the Associated Press in Tegucigalpa, Monday, Nov. 30, Lobo already faces an international crisis before taking office, as many.

The legitimate presidency of porfirio lobo essay
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