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He believed he had a chance to create one of the next great software companies. While the implementation went smoothly, it did not come with little effort. The management team believed that, in this new space, the advantage would go to the new entrants rather than the incumbents.

He promised himself that he would postpone any further consideration of the issue until after the weekend was over. Sometimes he gave the product away for free.

On the contrary, I think sales is actually the noblest part of business. Warren Buffett, for instance, would not have valued any company at the revenue multiples implied in the offer.

Please contact customerservice harvardbusiness. Analysts were beginning to take serious notice of RightNow. In fact, he was working on a book about bootstrapping.

Plan for an IPO in —with no guarantee that the markets would be receptive to a software offering. As a result, our users do not require substantial training on how to use and benefit from our service.

There was enthusiasm all around. We have developed a set of application programming interfaces, or APIs, which we provide on a platform we call sforce, that enable customers and independent developers to integrate our service with existing third-party, custom and legacy applications and write their own application services that integrate with our service.

Then, you raise a bunch of money and pitch the money on a bonfire, hoping that a company turns up before you run out of money. Brightwork developed network management applications.

Case Study: RightNow Technologies/ MarketFirst

Given the times, it was inevitable that the internet would play a role in the decision. By the summer of there was new anxiety internally. Looking back, Carstensen was grateful that the company did not make it public.

Copying or posting is an infringement of copyright. After working for six years on this business, is it wise for us to make a decision before seeing this data point? RightNow, and other ASP vendors, were proposing a huge paradigm shift — software would be provided as a service, something that could be leased by the month.

RightNow Technologies Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Meanwhile, during these internal transitions, the company continued to grow. See Exhibit 2 for selected financial data on RightNow. Would they have the fortitude to ignore the pressure to hit their quarterly numbers? For one thing, Montana averaged only 6 inhabitants per square mile.

This new computing paradigm is sometimes referred to as utility computing, while the outsourced software applications are referred to as ondemand application services. Now came the next key decision for Gianforte: File for a patent.

It was a credible, fair offer, which spoke well of the acquiring company. You are the only person working full time in the business and you are asked how many employees you have.

Rightnow Technologies Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

We provide a comprehensive customer relationship management, or CRM, service to businesses of all sizes and industries worldwide. We have 5 people involved in the business.

The software also interfaces with the sales force automation software to filter leads to ensure they meet qualifications, route the leads to the correct sales rep, deliver the lead after populating the SFA system with the correct data, and follow up to see what action has been taken.

Rent office space prior to the visit and get your family and friends to occupy all the desks. The ease of implementation of the on-demand model would obviate the need for the layers of consultants that surrounded the big CRM players.

And then, in December, Gianforte received a phone call. Explain why those things are difficult to do and convince them to buy the current product. But there was also a debate about whether an IPO was the next logical step for the company.

Peter Dunning, Executive Vice President for Worldwide Field Operations Peter has a proven track record with more than 29 years of rapidly growing revenues for a variety of established and private companies. A related question was how quickly we were likely to capture that value before competitive pressures began, starting the process of commoditization that all markets eventually evolve through.

And, there was one nine digit and multiple other eight digit personal wealth creation events at stake. The MarketFirst solution handles every aspect of their marketing process, which has helped the time savings and the results.RightNow Technologies began selling its shares to the public on Thursday for a lower offer price than previously planned.

The software-as-a-service company began trading at $7 a share on the. Free Essay: According to RightNow’s internal forecast, the revenue growth rate with the new strategy is 67%. More about Essay on Rightnow Technologies. Effects of Technology Words | 4 Pages; Unbridled Technology Words | 5 Pages; Harvard Classics Saints Topics Poetry Harvard.

Access to case studies expires six months after purchase date. Publication Date: November 18, The founder and CEO of a CRM software start-up must decide between an attractive acquisition. RightNow Technologies (HBSP ) by Professor William A. Sahlman, November 18,24 pages Preparing For The Google IPO: A Revolution In The Making (IMD ) by.

Rightnow Technologies Harvard Case 9 32  Case Nine BSHS Case Nine The evaluation process is essential to organizations because it determines their accountability in the community as well as their performance standards to the funders Sometimes the proper information is not gathered and this makes proving those very things very difficult.

REV: MAY 18, WILLIAM A. SAHLMAN RightNow Technologies Unlike most case protagonists, Greg Gianforte, founder and CEO of RightNow Technologies, was not sitting at his desk, and he was not staring out the window.

Rightnow technologies harvard case 9 805 32
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