Race based jury nullification 2 essay

Race-Based Jury Nullification Essay

There are pros and cons of jury based nullification. The fear is that if jurors knew or understood this power, it could undermine the authority of the US judicial system.

This allows juries the power to actually use their conscience when voting to convict or release a defendant. Can nullification be eliminated with our current system? There are so many stereotypes in the world today such as all African Americans are violent or trouble makers or all people here from Afghanistan or Iraq are bad people because of the war.

Since it has been used righteously in the past it is a hard decision to contemplate getting Race based jury nullification 2 essay of it.

One possibility mentioned earlier is for prosecutors to consider nullification during the selection process to help combat this problem. No matter what the people of the jury say there will always be members that will make their decisions based on the race of the person.

Being acquitted of all charges is usually how jury nullifications occur. Race-based jury nullification occurs when jurors, quite often African-American, refuse to convict a person of their race despite obvious proof of guilt. Butler, Also without a complete revamping of the legal system scary thought how would one go about fixing the problem?

Some black lawmakers have said that since a jury is representative of a community then jurors should have the right to decide which people they will allow to live among them. These cases clearly show that there have been many examples of jury nullification in the past in our country.

A nineteenth century example was the act of juries in the northern states to acquit persons charged with violating slave laws for facilitating the escape of slaves. In this case, it is doubtful that jury trials are useful at all. Throughout the time they were in prison only one of them made it out alive.

Simpson trial was race based jury nullification; similarly the Rodney King trial would be an example. Leipold urged Americans to adhere to the principle that skin color should not be the reason for sending people to jail Dressler, They believe that jury nullification based on race is the only way to bring change and reduce There should be no decision made because of race at all.Jury nullification Essay Sample.

Jury nullification. July 28th Ethnicity plays a big role in courtroom proceedings as well as judicial practices from all parts of the criminal justice system.

It is anywhere from the initial intake of a person to the time the person is sentenced. There are some thoughts against race based jury.

Race-Based Jury NullificationAbstractInternet research clearly showed a long history for jury nullification in the US. An explanation of jury nullification, and in particular race based jury nullification, is that it is a method whereby juries nullify.

Race has figured in many instances of jury nullification so there is a clear precedent for race based jury nullification. (Emal, ) Recently all white juries have refused to convict white police officers in wrongful shooting trials where the victim was black. The jury that was selected for him was predominately Black.

At the end of the case, he was acquitted of any murder charges. Since the jurors were of the same race as Simpson, many see the verdict as a prime example of race based jury nullification. Jury Nullification Essay Sample The history of the American justice system is replete with race-based jury nullifications.

A classic example was the case of Lemrick Nelson Jr., an African-American who was accused of killing a Jewish scholar in Brooklyn. He was acquitted by a black-dominated jury despite the fact that he was positively.

Jury Nullification Arguments for Race-Based Jury Nullification CCi Everest University Online CJL Civil and Criminal Justice Individual work Essay Title Page 2 Abstract If life truly is what you or we the people make it than we are all guilty of negligence and selfish immaturity.

The existence of our civil liberty is under constant.

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Race based jury nullification 2 essay
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