Nirvana songwriting analysis paper

His chronic stomach pain became a metaphor for the natural angst of disenfranchised youth around the world. Lithium is a medication used by western psychiatrists to cure manic-depressive psychosis, also called bipolar psychosis.

It sounds like another signal of distress. This is a great song, with an impacting musical technique used by Curt Cobain. Great songwriters and composers are often kind of lazy, they like to use the same thematic material over and over again in a piece of music, but they often they like to disguise this fact by making slight changes to their themes, e.

The crescendo in intensity — like, miss, love, killed — leads us to the real climax, a symbolic murder of the other, the friend or lover. The lyrics have at the same time very autobiographical elements, and some others that are totally invented.

We broke our mirrors This probable metaphor he does not mean it literally, does he? Kurt smashes his first guitar which later becomes his trademark. The chorus refers to the dependency on the past that some people rely on as an influence in the future.

We guess straight away there is irony here — especially because the tone on which it is sung does not sound happy — internal contradiction! Bach on the level of musicianship. So already as a theme, lithium sounds dramatic. But the idea of taking a musical theme and using it repeatedly, sometimes in bold and innovative ways, is a habit that many great musicians share, Bach and Cobain included.

It reached number 1 in and was the first album to bring Seattle grunge to the mainstream audience Stuessy, Joe. This can be better illustrated be rearranging the notes as follows: Efficient lyrics do not flatly describe and do not directly qualify.

So here again, we can take it as irony.

Analysis of Nirvana Songs Part 1

In other words this sequence outlines an ascending minor third interval: Nirvana came to be in of Kurt Cobain and Krist Novaselic. Released init nirvana songwriting analysis paper handed ly was responsible for the birth of what became to be known as grunge and has gone on to sell over 10 million copies in the United States alone Stuessy, Joe.

This may be due to chance, perhaps arbitrary quirks of culture, or it may be that some artists have a sort of extra-sensory perception that tells them how to create great music, or at least know something is great when they hear it. Is it a lover, a friend, the audience?

Secondly, that is an expression of emotion and aims at finding empathy in the audience. They say for example: He touches what is broken and injured in many of us, intimately: In film for instance, we all want resolution, namely the hero to save the day and win over the girl, but not until the end of the movie.

This song was groundbreaking for Nirvana and the alternative music scene as a whole. With the chord progression starting on F- it clearly expresses the key of F minor, but it seems to lack a sense of resolution. The style used in this song is simple, plain, loud, and straight-forward.

F Gb Bb Ab If you rearrange these notes you get the following familiar pattern: He used the soft-loud dynamics of his favorite band, the Pixies. We could say the song does not tell us a proper story, but it lets us share for a few minutes the condition of a young unhappy, depressed guy.

While it has certainly been overplayed in the past years, it is still an essential part of Rock history. Thwarted desires and plot twists are what keeps the action going.

The way these themes are used in this song illustrates two points about creative process as it applies to both music and the arts in general:This song is the prime example of Curt’s ability to write lyrics in an obscure and ironic manner (Nirvana, Nevermind).

“In Bloom” is the second song on the album, Nevermind. It has been said this song is contains the best production style on the album.

Mar 04,  · Nirvana – Lithium – Lyrics analysis and meaning This is one of the song analyses presented in the PDF Songwriting. Lithium is the 5th track of Nirvana ‘s second studio album Nevermind (DGC Records, ).5/5(10). Songwriting Analysis: Nirvana “About a Girl” This early stand-out track from Nirvana’s debut album Bleach already has ample showcases of the songwriting genius that was Kurt Cobain.

Experiment with wild key changes that may sound odd at first but may sound distinct when listened to a few times. The aim of this paper is provide a foundation of understanding, regarding the concepts of heaven in Christianity and nirvana in Buddhism. To define the key characteristics that set these two concepts apart, while seeking to identify any similarities that may be found between them.

Songwriting Analysis: Nirvana “About a Girl”

’Paper Cuts’: The only Nirvana song in which the word ‘Nirvana’ appears, legend has it ‘Paper Cuts’ was inspired by the real-life story of a family in Cobain’s local Aberdeen who. While the song appeared on In Utero, Kurt had written it back in according to Dave Grohl.

Nirvana – Lithium – Lyrics analysis and meaning

All Apologies Nirvana had performed it in Newcastle in with different lyrics to what had appeared on In Utero: Kurt had then dedicate this song to Courtney & Frances during the Reading Fest and.

Nirvana songwriting analysis paper
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