How to write augment in a sentence

The phrase "used to" can be 1 an idiomatic phrase indicating a former action or condition, synonymous with "once" or "formerly" 2 a different idiomatic phrase meaning "accustomed to" 3 it can also be a regular form of the verb "to use," followed by the preposition "to.

The species of this family augment in number, in any given country, in proportion to the extent and degree of its cultivation; for instance, they grow more luxuriantly in the province of Scania, in Sweden-a district farther distinguished above all others by its cultivation and fertility.

Heesun has met many famous people. Still augmenting slowly and gradually the thrust of her engines, in order to let James note down all the relevant how to write augment in a sentence flight data, she noticed something strange as they were speeding through Mach 2.

The hydraulic system on a passenger aircraft is augmented by small generators near the tail. He raised the wide-bored Augmented Flux-Blaster. I can play quite a few musical instruments, for example, the flute, the guitar, and the piano.

The answer is simple: With the aid of its philosophy she created her new Christian theology; its polity furnished her with the most exact constitutional forms; its jurisprudence, its trade and commerce, its art and industry, were all taken into her service; and she contrived to borrow some hints even from its religious worship.

He planned to augment his savings for college by investing in the stock market. If you take out those words, the meaning will change. After reading these ideas, were you waiting for anything? For example, one time she met Jacques Chirac. Marcellus had recourse to a blockade, but Carthaginian vessels from time to time contrived to throw in supplies.

The following sentences use the phrases in this lesson. Do you have any hobbies, e. There is a multiplication of taxes in trade which recalls the old colonial alcabala tax, and it serves to restrict commerce and augment the cost of goods in much the same way, if not to the same degree.

Rationally optimistic views on emerging markets can still be based on a view of ever narrower spreads for the asset class with capital gains augmenting the carry advantage or of countries systematically going through the emerging markets rite of passage and gradually upgrading from frontier markets into developed markets with narrower spreads.

Augment Sentence Examples

Phrases Used Within A Sentence Each phrase can be used within a sentence when it is followed by a list of items which elaborate on or show examples for the main idea of the sentence. The castaways lived mainly on a diet of fruit which they managed to augment with an occasional crab or fish.

What is it compared to yours? Since that time, the direct trade between America and the East Indies, which is carried on by means of the Acapulco ships, has been continually augmenting, and the indirect intercourse by the way of Europe has been augmenting in a still greater proportion.

The first example combines a drop in the trading range, augmenting the strength of the downtrend. Do you know what the main idea of this paragraph is?

How do you use the word Augmented in a sentence?

Example of augmentation in a sentence? Better Grammar in 30 Minutes A Day features thorough coverage of key grammar skills, clear explanations with a minimum of grammatical terms, and an abundance of exercises and activities to help reinforce new skill development.

Pelageya Danilovna began to recognize the mummers, admired their cleverly contrived costumes, and particularly how they suited the young ladies, and she thanked them all for having entertained her so well. A small inheritance would later augment his meager income.

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If these words are necessary, do not use commas. For instance, last week he went to a restaurant which serves deep-fried rattlesnake. They can make many friends and attend numerous gatherings for free.

Though his income was never large, and during the greater part of his life was very meagre, he contrived to find means to support his foster-mother in her old age, to educate the children of his first teacher, and to help various deserving students during their college career.

There have been many leaders in history who have tried to rule the entire world. The band augmented every moment. Before we answer that question, here is another question: If he does not use his new mode of communication, he will never truly progress to a proficient level.

As the real wealth and revenue of idle people would not be augmented by this.Dec 07,  · Best Answer: I had to augment my brain power by a transplant which made my head bulge dangerously; now I am more intelligent but my life expectancy is Status: Resolved.

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Send us feedback. Example sentences with the word contrived. contrived example sentences. Definitions. Synonyms.

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Contrived Sentence Examples

Contrived Sentence Examples "I should hope to smile," he said with a contrived southern accent. Not the abbreviated version contrived for a witless or Yet he contrived to write his great commentary on the Pentateuch.

We have free English lessons, free lesson plans and can correct your essays, reports, compositions, writing, resumes and cover letters Phrases Used To Begin A New Sentence. Usually only for example and for instance can begin new sentences. Each can begin a new sentence when the phrase is followed by a complete idea or sentence.

How to write the perfect sentence. In learning how to master the art of putting words together, the trick is to concentrate on techniqu. Sign-up. By that, I mean that skill in writing sentences is a matter of understanding and mastering form not content.

The usual commonplace wisdom is that you have to write about something, but actually. Definition of augment in English: augment.

verb [with object] More example sentences ‘Biologists are augmenting the wild population with month-old animals bred on one of the islands.’ most of whom write and speak in the Urdu language.’.

How to write augment in a sentence
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