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There is also an option of keeping a buffer stock in case of an inconsistent demand.

Heat Exchanger

His major challenges are: Additionally, we know that reducing the costs will drive profitability up. The new business strategy being formulated for 5 years will give more negotiation power in view of a commitment of a long term relationship.

We believe that this should continue, but also that some resources can now afford, and will highly benefit, from reallocating some resources to the inventory management function.

However by no means do we want to imply that purchasing function at Spartan should be any less strategic. Since there will be a less variety of raw materials to purchase and in a larger quantity than previously, due to the new anticipatory approach, Heat exchangers essay company should aim to establish long term relationship with these fewer vendors.

There company could benefit from having one person responsible for forecasting demand. A vendor base of can prove very beneficial for Spartan. We assume that there will be an on-going production. Key Results of Calculations: The anticipated increase in business will require more staff so the HR Dept will have to recruit more staff.

Earlier the work was based on the specific requirements of the client and it was more of research based but now the focus on research will be less and it will be more on general requirements. B Since Spartan will now need only a fixed variety of raw materials, hence the requirement of a large vendor base will not be required.

The new business policy also states of reducing the current lead time from 14 weeks to 6 weeks. On the contrast, the new corporate strategy reduces variety to basic lines for each product category will require less variety of raw material but in higher quantity.

A This will help Rick in another way as he will be able to solve the problem of stock out, specially for the basic raw material ie Aluminum. By adoption of this strategy Spartan will now be able to overcome one of its weakness, which will result in increase in sales, since Spartan will now have access to customers, it lost due to longer lead times.

This will represent a decrease in the expenses that the company has to pay once they receive their goods. The new corporate strategy implies re-engineering from a job shop method of production which involved manufacturing operations with several departments, each of which produced particular components, Ref Case to a hybrid method of production which is a flow operation, where multiple work stations can be working simultaneously, which will mainly allow Spartan to increase volume of production, reduce lead time, it will further lead in cutting down the carrying cost of inventory, even though the inventory will be high.

Spartan should keep always in mind that many of their customers including some of the key ones decided to opt for standard product design because it brings them more advantages like lower cost and faster delivery.

Problem Statement The Materials Department headed by Rick Coyne has to take a lot of initiatives internally to incorporate various implications of the new strategy, and submit his report to his boss Max Brisco of the changes suggested by him within a week.

As we know, purchasing and supply management are critical to the success of a company. The previous corporate strategy was based on customization of each of their products which is now being changed to standardization.

This will also provide Rick more negotiation power for a ixed vendor base, for his basic raw material as explained later on. Spartan Heat Exchangers Inc. Moreover, reducing the purchasing price on raw materials will produce a leverage effect on the return on assets.

The general modern conception regarding procurement is recognizing the importance that, in addition to price, other elements may have in this relation.

This structure was functional to the previous strategy because there was a strong focus on the purchasing function. In this line of thought, we believe that being able to reduce significantly the number of vendors will allow the company to make some considerable advances on vendor development.

This means that any given reduction that Spartan can obtain on the procurement price of aluminum will translate in an even higher increase in the return on assets.

The fact that we are reducing the number of vendors required will allow us to be more selective and procure only from the vendors that provide a service in accordance with our new needs, i. We believe that this goal can be achieved with an adequate supply chain strategy.Various Kinds of Heat Exchangers Analysis Essay This is another type of heat exchanger, which is vital during energy recovery systems and normally finds its application in HVAC systems.

It has the general appearance of a plate-finned water coil although in this case, the tubes are never Heat exchangers essay. Introduction to Heat Exchangers: Concept and Types Essay Heat exchanger An interchangeable plate heat exchanger Tubular heat exchanger.

A heat exchanger is a piece of equipment built for efficient heat transfer from one medium to another. The media may be separated by a solid wall, so that they never mix, or they may be in direct contact.[1]. Spartan Heat Exchangers Inc. Current State Spartan Heat Exchangers Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of specialized industrial heat transfer equipment for more than 10 years.

The company’s primary products are transformer coolers, hydro generator coolers, air-cooled heat exchangers and transformer oil coolers. At the end of these lectures, you should be able to: • recognise numerous types of heat exchangers, and classify them, • develop an awareness of fouling on surfaces, and determine the overall heat transfer coefficient for a heat exchanger, • perform a general energy analysis on heat exchangers, • obtain a relation for the [ ].

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HEAT EXCHANGERS Prabal Talukdar Talukdar.

Spartan Heat Exchangers Inc.

Group Case Study Spartan Heat Exchangers Inc. Current State Spartan Heat Exchangers Inc. has been a leading designer and manufacturer of specialized.

Heat exchangers essay
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