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This effort suggests collaboration with all stake holders. Students re-enrolling in most secondary schools after grade 10 have to make the choice of choosing a "core stream" in addition to English or the local language: Thus, the requirements of linguistic minorities are attended properly.

But continuing higher education through the English medium is disfavored by many politicians and some educationalists.

Brief Essay on Urban Society (663 Words)

This vision calls upon urban schools to devise new dynamic vision and leadership strategies. Mahatma Gandhi wanted basic education to be imparted through the mother tongue. These pitfalls are to be sorted out to give the underprivileged an opportunity to come up in their lives.

The traditional education system of India was quite different from the contemporary one. Education thus is an essential prerequisite of modernization. However, we cannot overlook the advantages of education explosion in India. In addition there are several institutions imparting specialized knowledge and technical skills.

Support in this direction will go a long way in giving new vision to urban schools. Short Essay on Education!

Non-formal education Since, education is important for the growth of developing nation like India, various steps have been devised to cut the percentage of dropouts.

Even the poorest often go to private schools despite the fact that government schools are free. Even today, the Madrassah education among Muslims is largely based on religion, philosophy and scriptural messages.

Capital controls in inner city as well as inner-city school settings play vast inequalities. People mostly migrate to these centres to earn their livelihood.

Urban, city or town planning deals with the design of the built environment from the municipal or the metropolitan perspective. Availability of quality teachers is yet another important part of critical pedagogy. Here is your essay on Urban Society! This procedure calls for equal role for children as that of pedagogues to sort out problems that they face outside their class rooms.

The organizational structure was ascriptive and hereditary.

Essay on Education: Short Essay on Education

This can be done by providing similar employment opportunities and standard of living in the smaller towns and cities.

Gradually, the nature of settlements or urban centres underwent a qualitative change, a transition from a locally focused, isolated, economically and socially self-contained, and basically agricultural community to global, economically and socially dynamic and basically industrial or service-oriented community.

Science and technology, grammar and literature, social philosophy, history and culture, geography and ecology, agriculture and horticulture comprise the vast range of subjects which are taught in schools, colleges and universities.

Since education is a State subject. Apart from what they have in their curricula, schools must be prepared to draw this extra knowledge from the students. The State Governments in India are free to open new university. However, its formal sanction is not necessary to open a university.

For this purpose, the Central Government may issue directives to the State Governments. The two halves of secondary education are each an important stage for which a pass certificate is needed, and thus are affiliated by central boards of education under HRD ministry, before one can pursue higher education, including college or professional courses.

Types of schools[ edit ] Government schools[ edit ] Majority of the students study in the government schools where poor and vulnerable students study for free until the age of The authorities do allot increased resources to urban schools and these resources are being used in the right context of urban life.

The lower castes, particularly the scheduled castes, were denied education.Rural Education Where a child grows up and which high school they attend greatly affects further education and employment.

Higher education, including college and vocational schooling, factors into employment opportunity. Rural To Urban Migration In India Economics Essay. excessive migration also imposes external costs on the rural areas emptied of better education. Inthe urban population was only million constituting around only percent of India’s population and which has increased to million comprising percentage of.

Here is your essay on Urban Society! Urban society is characterized by a sharp economic disparity between a small number of wealthy families and a large number of petty traders, artisans and the poor. Urban education v/s Rural education.

ultimedescente.comer education is given high importance in urban areas where as very few schools in villages give computer training. Essay about Urban India vs.

Rural India Another difference that can be seen between urban and rural India, is their education. In rural India, the parents seldom educate their children, and instead, make their children work in the fields. Poverty. Education in India is provided by the public sector as well as the private sector, with control and funding coming from three levels: central, state and various articles of the Indian Constitution, free and compulsory education is provided as a fundamental right to children between the ages of 6 and The ratio of public schools .

Essay on urban education in india
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