Cyber cafe business plan in bangladesh nano

How Much To Expect A well run cyber cafe with at least 4 computers and an added service like M-pesa, graphic design, web-design, eCommerce, photocopy services etc can rake in up to Ksh, per year.

Alternatively, go for the high-end market in the CBDs of major towns. Share Tweet Despite cheaper computers and wireless internet modems flooding the market, a sizeable number of customers are still trooping into cyber cafes to do more than just checking emails and surfing the internet.

But, it is always better to have a semi-skilled person for helping you to collect ID, note the time, take print outs and other processes. Link up with a cost-friendly internet service provider. Choose a Good Location Ideally, go for a place with high foot traffic of mostly young scholars and professionals.

You can get plastic products which are quite cheaper or for the sake of class and comfortability, go for more classic furniture.

Due to epileptic nature of our power supply at times, it is wise to get a generating set that can comfortably carry all the equipment in your shop that will serve as a substitute source of power in the event of an outage.

Some of the items you can get include: Hard drives of at least GB. It will also help you understand what others that have gone ahead of you have done, how they run their business, what you need to do to be different and better their services.

At least five hundred hours of videos are uploaded and watched over the YouTube platform in a minute and one million messages are sent over the whatsapp platform on a per minute basis. Sell small hardware products and accessories like printing paper, mouse, compact discs, pen drive, stationery items, mobile recharge and so on.

A Cyber Cafe Is Your Direct Ticket To Millions; How To Start Small and Grow

The total cost of setup depends on the type of network you are planning to use. Processors that are either Celeron this is the least you can usedual core, quad core, core i3, core i5 or core i7. It is smart to spend a lot on networking and use second hand computers as people come here just to enjoy high speed internet and not a well equipped computer.

How to Start a Cyber Cafe Business in Nigeria / Business Plan & Feasibility Study

High end graphic processors and cards are very essential. If you are planning to opt for wired networking, the hardware components would increase and make the space congested. How Much To Invest Although you can start a cyber cafe with much less, a bare minimum budget of Ksh, is highly recommended.

Gone are the days when customers seeking internet services were the backbone of cyber cafe firms. You might not get new ones if you do not have the capacity to. Business acumen thus spells out that being engaged in this venture will mean great profit as several people cannot do without using the internet daily.

Market in detail Your customers would be students, working people and anyone who is in need of internet services. Asides these statistics, the internet is used for several other purposes as it makes learning, sending and receiving messages, carrying out business transactions, etc.

The feasibility study also helps you know an overall total of how much capital you will need to raise, the best place to site your business and the mechanisms to set in place to ensure maximum service provision as well as maximal profit. Book Licenses In order to start a cyber cafe in Kenya, you need 3 mandatory licenses.

The basic requirements for the business are Client computers A server computer to control all the client computers Other hardware components related to networking A stall for selling drinks and snacks The hardware components would not add much to your budget.A Snapshot survey of Cyber café users in Dhaka City, Bangladesh Sk.

Address Bazar

Mamun Mostofa1 and Shariful Islam2 1Department of Library and Information Science, the Trade Association of cyber café business at national level in Bangladesh. Established inCCOAB safeguards rights. Cyber cafes in Dhaka Bangladesh.

Updated list of cyber cafes inside Dhaka Bangladesh with address and location map. Blog A Cyber Cafe Is Your Direct Ticket To Millions; How To Start Small and Grow January 19, The Secret to Growing Your Cyber Cafe against All Odds. Starting a business is a leap of faith even in the best of circumstances.

We at Kuza Biashara are focussed to encourage these daring small business owners who have the potential to. List of top / best Cyber Cafe companies in Bangladesh - Internet Cybe, list of Cyber Cafes, Cyber Cafes list, Broadband Internet Service Provider (ISP), Internet Cafes in Dhaka, Cyber Net Cafe.

The business plan also serves as a statement of your business to anyone who seeks to invest in your business. Rent a Shop – The next step is getting a shop that will house your café.

It is best to site the shop in a business oriented area as cyber cafés are most needed in business concentrated areas. FRIENDS COFFEE SHOP Business Plan Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management (BIBM) Course Name and Code: Introduction to Business ( 29 Pages.

FRIENDS COFFEE SHOP Business Plan Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management (BIBM) Course Name and Code: Introduction to Business ( Café Bellissimo 6.

Cafe World They are doing very good business.

Cyber cafe business plan in bangladesh nano
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