An argument in favor of legalizing cloning in the philippines

These are cells, which are blank cells, and can become any other type of cell. Jackielyn Bana Is government ready for this? The money factor means nothing here. Every medical technology carries with it a degree of risk.

Scientists have already managed to successfully clone plants and animals and in theory using similar technologies they could also create copies of humans. They want to be unique, one and only. Many voices are arguing in favor of human cloning and others are stauch opponents to the legalization of this practice.

Human cloning was a popular theme in science fiction literature but technological progress has made possible the clonation of species. This was at the age of 6 while most sheep live up to the age of Reproduction of infertile couples: Contact Author Why Cloning? They would probably live a very stressful life and might suffer from emotional problems, knowing that they were not an individual, but a clone.

This would contribute to increase lifespams and quality of life in the world. Many of these people probably believe that cloning is evil and this it is a sin. Another scientific argument is that genetic diversity helps provide the "pool" of variations available for a robust human population.

About the endangered species, it might seem beneficial in the first place. Report this Argument Pro In this debate, for I am not a professional nor do I know much of these "rules," I would like to keep it simple; let us see who reigns supreme with words and not rules.

Thus, many religious people will be against reproductive cloning. It would violate deeply and widely held convictions concerning human individuality and freedom, and could lead to a devaluation of clones in comparison with non-clones.

Reproductive cloning would foster an understanding of children, and of people in general, as objects that can be designed and manufactured to possess specific characteristics.

What are some arguments against cloning? There is currently no way we can know that therapeutic cloning could backfire. But God did not approve: At age 40 after hearing about Dolly being a clone, he changes his will and has his DNA stored for future human cloning.

Rebuttals to Arguments in Favor of Reproductive Cloning 1. He never marries or has children. Certain types of humans could be created to work on certain jobs, even under abusive conditions.

Those who favor cloning humans argue that we could produce more geniuses and thereby improve life for everyone through their contributions. What is your response? With human cloning you could give a couple in the future both a child from your DNA and the financial assets from your lifetime to start out financially secure instead of struggling as most couples do now.

Genetic engineering debate: Should human cloning be legal?

They believe that God wanted humans to help with the reproduction by sexual intercourse. If you truly believe and trust this in your heart, receiving Jesus alone as your Saviordeclaring, " Jesus is Lord ," you will be saved from judgment and spend eternity with God in heaven.

Also, in Genesis 11 is the story of the Tower of Babel. There are no comments for the selected user level.

Six arguments in favor of and against cloning

Legalizing medical marijuana is not advantageous to the government. The bill provides an important mechanism of checks and balances of citizen accountability.

Defective genes could be eliminated.

Human cloning should be legalized

This was the technique employed to clone the famous sheep Dolly in Law students debate on legalizing medical marijuana in PH. The Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Bill is still pending with the House committee on health, more than a year after it was filed.

It looks like you've lost connection to our server. Please check your internet connection or reload this page. Moral Arguments in Favour of Human Cloning Dr.

Josephus J. Brimah School of Education Njala University Sierra Leone Abstract With the cloning of the sheep Dolly, arguments were made by so many scholars that the same technique of somatic nuclear cell transplant could be used to clone human persons.

This was vehemently opposed to on. Jul 15,  · Cloning animals has lead to a huge discussion on science, religion and the role of tehcnology in our everyday lives.

I will be posting two articles, this one dedicated to providing 6 strong arguments in the favor of cloning and another which provides 6 arguments against ultimedescente.coms: Many voices are arguing in favor of human cloning and others are stauch opponents to the legalization of this practice.

Pros of human cloning Many science fiction movies, such as Gattaca, The Island or Moon have dealt with the implications of genetic engineering and human cloning.

There are plenty of arguments against cloning - especially against cloning humans - ranging from scientific issues, to the practicality of cloning, to religious objections.

On the scientific side, we see that a large percentage of cloning efforts end in failure.

An argument in favor of legalizing cloning in the philippines
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