An analysis of circumference of earth

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Which time of day yields the most accurate result? To do this, Eratosthenes measured the shadow of an obelisk on June 21 at noon. Because of the uncertainty of stadia and limited technology, his measurement was slightly off the mark but was astoundingly accurate for his time.

Flight Behavior: A Novel - Chapter 8: Circumference of the Earth Summary & Analysis

Born around B. Earth is the largest of the terrestrial planets of the inner solar system, bigger than Mercury, Venus and Mars. Archimedes dedicated his book The Method to Eratosthenes, knowing his love for learning and mathematics.

Have your volunteer stretch a piece of string between the top of the meterstick and the end of its shadow. If the cities are on the same side of the equator, subtract the smaller distance from the larger distance.

Although Chimaborazo is about 10, feet shorter relative to sea level than Everest, this mountain is about 6, feet 2, m farther into space because of the equatorial bulge. Eratosthenes assumed the sun was far enough away from our planet that its rays were effectively parallel when they arrived at Earth.

What Is The Circumference Of The Earth?

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Whatever the case, he estimated the distance between Syene and Alexandria was 5, stadia. Later, he would become the head librarian of the Library of Alexandria. Share your story with Science Buddies!


The sunbeams shown as two rays hitting the ground at Syene and Alexandria. The mathematician must have been thrilled to have this opportunity. He was a true polymath. First the earth is not spherical and is an oblate spheroid; its shape varies from the equator to the poles and depending on the location of measurements, there can be a discrepancy between the values.

The two models [62] that explain land mass propose either a steady growth to the present-day forms [63] or, more likely, a rapid growth [64] early in Earth history [65] followed by a long-term steady continental area.

He realized that, because the Earth is curved, the greater the curve, the longer the shadows would be. Otherwise, do your best to eyeball it.

However, Earth is not quite a sphere. All without leaving your own backyard! His knowledge of the size of Egypt was founded on the work of many generations of surveying trips. He measured the distance in stadia. Before Erastosthenes, other scholars had attempted to estimate the figure, but their methods were not recorded, and their estimations were far from accurate.In B.C.

Eratosthenes estimated Earth’s circumference at about 46, kilometers (28, miles). Today we know our planet's circumference is roughly 40. Using two assumptions Eratosthenes was able to measure the circumference of the earth; 1) the earth is round and 2) the sun’s rays are parallel.

How Big Is Earth?

His results concluded that the earth was:stadia (about 46, km), is quite close to modern measurements. The Man Who Accurately Estimated the Circumference of the Earth Over 2, Years Ago January 1, Emily Upton 44 comments Today I found out about a man who fairly accurately estimated the circumference of the Earth well over 2, years ago: Eratosthenes of Cyrene.

Introduction. In this project, you will estimate the circumference of the earth, using a method developed about 2, years ago, by Eratosthenes, a Greek mathematician and the librarian of the great library at Alexandria, in Egypt.

Chapter 4 LAB Activity: Eratosthenes and the Earth’s Circumference Answers

The circumference of the Earth is 40, km, and the Greek geographer Erastosthenes was the first person to estimate the Earth's circumference nearly accurately.

Before Erastosthenes, other scholars had attempted to estimate the figure, but their methods were not recorded, and their estimations were far from accurate.

Calculating the Circumference of the Earth

Advanced Measurement Tools in Google Earth Pro. Measure distance, area, circumference, and radius. Use this data for site analysis and project research.

An analysis of circumference of earth
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