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Stopping there, they were picked up by UN ships and taken to a refugee camp on Galang IslandIndonesia. A good family, happiness, wealth--to follow the Communists.

While on the open ocean, they tried to flag down ships patrolling the busy shipping lanes. Although Tang claims to never have been a "communist" he does say he was a nationalist revolutionary and held Ho Chi Minh in high esteem.

He began to seriously study political science and colonialism. Tang was living in a constant state of anxiety or combat fatigue, within this environment of constant harassment from opposition, bombings, and attacks, while still carving out a liberation struggle and tending to affairs within the unit or region, and maintaining his ministry while surviving on a handful of rice twice a day.

Tang continues to send money home. After reading this book I appreciate more the efforts of MIM Prisons and what they do to raise our consciousness.

Sounds pretty darn gullible. His father, believing the young woman can bring Tang out of his misplaced interest in politics, encourages the liaison and the two are soon married, though Tang continues his support of the political endeavors of the National Liberation Front.

It was here where he started his political life, initially in the anti-war movement in Paris. The nationalist forces in the south were brushed aside in favour of communist cadres from the north.

But as the reviewer discusses, there is still much to learn from this book about the successful struggle and organizing, especially under such horrible repression by U. This taste of struggle for liberation sways Tang to get in on the fight for independence.

Some succumb to what Tang describes as "internal convulsions" where one urinates or shits oneself involuntarily. The nature of the collapse of the South Vietnamese regime and the total victory of the North Vietnamese military gave total control to the North Vietnamese. A Life for a more complete picture of the history of the revolution in Vietnam, and the political line of the post-revolution government.

This happens in "Saigon," very much an urban struggle, so it proves to be insightful for anyone interested in organizing in a city in an underground group. Through friends of his wife, he and others pooled their money to buy a boat which they boarded in August His natural intelligence combined with his degree makes him a prime candidate for positions within the new government, and he serves in several.

I think many would also find strength and inspiration in learning how many prisoners also develop under such overwhelming odds within U. His father was spot on. During that time, he meets and falls in love with a girl.

Tang is almost immediately drafted and volunteers for a teaching position at a remote area to keep from having to serve in a combat capacity.

A Vietcong Memoir

Led down the garden path by smiling faces saying "Yes we can! And within all the chaos that environment can bring, with storm troopers raiding your cell at 2: An Inside Account of the Vietnam War and its Aftermathprovides illuminating details heretofore unavailable to most Western readers.

But it may have been inevitable at that stage; after all, the Vietnamese took the long view -- they were fighting for a country that had in fact enjoyed independence for more than a millennium before the French, periodically fighting off the Chinese who many Americans thought were their masters.

Although Tang came from the petit bourgeoisie before taking up the struggle for national liberation he lends a first hand account of the fight against U.

He truly believed that they genuinely sought a free, democratic south. Tang traveled to Paris as a young man to study how to be a pharmacist. They were attacked by Thai pirates who stole money and valuables from the passengers but let the boat continue on.

When he sees no other way, he and his wife escape by boat, landing on an Indonesian oil drilling tanker.

Book Review: A Vietcong Memoir

From much of the literature on the struggle for national liberation in Vietnam we get a view from the higher levels of leadership with books from Ho Chi Minh or Vo Nguyen Giap, which are very educational but lack a ground level approach to digging in to the operations and set backs of lower level struggles.

We point readers to a book review of Ho A vietcong memior Minh: Truong Nhu Tang Tang was the ex-minister of justice for the provisional revolutionary government of the Republic of South Vietnam during their war for liberation.

As the military of the opposing forces clash, Tang is kept in the country near Saigon until his father feels it is safe for him to return to Paris. After the war ended and the last helicopter fled the embassy Tang describes the situation as chaotic. Indeed most of us know the Vietnamese fought like hell barefooted with an AK47 in hand, marching through the jungle and basically wearing out U.

Following his defection, an act that involved immersing himself, while concealing his identity, among the throngs of Vietnamese also escaping the brutal dictatorship Ho and his comrades were systematically installing across the country, Truong began to speak out against the regime he had helped to found.

Tang makes clear how the Viet Cong worked to manipulate American opinion and even politics. It appears his connections to the Vietnamese bourgeoisie, having a brother who was a high level air force fighter and another who was a high level banker seemed to get him out of prison very fast.

This sacrifice was really something to read about. They had study groups and developed the masses into revolutionaries.

A Vietcong Memoir: An Inside Account of the Vietnam War and Its Aftermath Summary & Study Guide

It is unclear whether A vietcong memior outcome would have been different had he lived to see the end of the war - or even if the Americans had not relieved the French as supporters of the ineffective Southern governments; Tang thought so.This is a moving if rather nSive account of life as a Vietnamese revolutionary, written by one of the Vietcong's highest-ranking leaders who is now in exile in the West.

A Vietcong Memoir: An Inside Account of the Vietnam War and Its Aftermath Paperback – March 12, by Truong Nhu Tang (Author)/5(74). A Vietcong memoir. [Như Tảng Trương; David Chanoff; Van Toai Doan] Home. WorldCat Home About WorldCat Help. Search. Search for Library Items Search for Lists Search for Contacts Search for a Library.

Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: or Search WorldCat. Find items in libraries near you. From there, Tảng went into exile in Paris, and, inpublished a book about his life as a Viet Cong in the NLF and PRG.

The book, A Vietcong Memoir, outlines not only his own experiences, but also the impact of the war among other revolutionaries.

Get this from a library! A Vietcong memoir. [Như Tảng Trương; David Chanoff; Van Toai Doan] -- Contains primary source material. Get an answer for 'What is the summary for Truong Nhu Tang's A Vietcong Memoir: An Inside Account of the Vietnam War and Its Aftermath?' and find homework help for other A Vietcong Memoir: An.

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